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We are a full-service organization, with a number of specialities that include:
Forklift Repair and Maint. - Battery Testing and Replenishing - Battery Charger Repair and Sales - Tire Pressing - Painting - Specialty Attachment Sales and Installation - Forklift Parts Sales - Walk Behind and Ride-On Pallet Jack Repair and Sales- and many other specilaty services!  

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We offer Preventative Maintence (PM) Services for:

Electric Forklifts

LP Forklifts

Gas\Diesel Forklifts

We perform a through inspection and Tune-Up for your lift on a one time basis or for a discounted rate if you sign up for our PM Program. You will save your company time and money by maintaining a timley tune-up schedule and avoiding costly downtime in your shipping and receiving departments.

We Are Happy To Service The Entire Metropolitan Greater Kansas CIty Missouri & Kansas Area - & Beyond!


     We offer a complete PM (Preventative Maintance) service at $45.00 flat rate plus parts and fluids per truck.  This p/m program can be once a month, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.  The frequency of maintenance depends on your usage.  Our mechanics can discuss with you which program works best for your needs.

    We can also help with more extensive repairs. We charge $52.50/hr labor plus parts and fluids. 

    Same day service in most cases is possible.  Jobs to large for on-site work can easily be relocated to our shop. 

    Rental trucks are available for as low as $35.00 per day.  We also service manual pallet jacks, electric forklifts and chargers.  We also deal in warehouse equipment, etc.  Quotes are available upon request.

    We offer after market, new, & used parts at low prices. 

                                After market parts, when available, provide a 30-50% savings.

    We want your business and appreciate your time.  Please call  or Ron Boone at the shop

    number listed below with any questions or to set up your next appointment.

    As far as the P/M service on an Internal Combustion, the mechanic will check this

    list  of items and he will also make a list of suggested repairs if required.

    •1.    Clean grease fitting and lubricate.

    •2.    Clean out machine and radiator core with compressed air.

    •3.    Change engine oil and filter element.        

    •4.    Check transmission and differential oil level.

    •5.    Inspect hose and connections, replace air  cleaner.

    •6.    Check upright assembly for proper adjustment and lubricate.

    •7.    Check battery, add water and clean terminals.

    •8.    Check hydraulic pump, filter, cap, and replace if necessary.

    •9.    Check and lubricate all connecting shafts and levers.

    •10.Check power steering for proper adjustments.

    •11.Check fuel, oil, water systems for leaks.

    •12.Check radiator for proper coolant level.

    •13.Inspect brake and clutch pedal, and linkage for proper tension.

    •14.Check master cylinder.

    •15.Check all accessory drive belts for proper tension.

    •16.Check carburetor and  points.

    •17.Check accelerator linkage, including choke control.

    •18.Inspect lift and tilt cylinders for leaks.

    •19.Operational check and physical inspection of machine.

    •20.Check spark plugs, cap, wires, and ignition system (if electrical)    


    We Provide the same service particular to any PROPANE GASOLINE OR ELECTRIC LIFT TRUCK

    In addition to the services that we provide above we also provide Forklift Operator Training and Certification.  The certification is good for 3 years and can be tailored to suit your needs, please call for info.